Birkenhead Priory Parish
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Welcome to Birkenhead Priory Parish. We are the Church of England Parish in the centre of Birkenhead.

We have two worship centres.

Christ the King which is located between Beckwith Street and St. Anne Street.

We are near Birkenhead Park Station. Some people will know the building as St. Anne's but it was renamed in 1991 after extensive alterations and became Christ the King.

We meet on a Sunday Morning for worship at 10.30 am

The Priory Chapel, which is the original Chapter House can be found on the site of Birkenhead Priory. Services at the Priory are under review at this time.

Please ring for information.

Baptisms, Marriages and Funerals are conducted at both places of worship.

We are a very friendly church community and all are welcome to our worship and to our various activities.